living in a community that is walkable, bike-able, and bus-able. One where your food is healthy, fresh from a local farm or straight from your own garden. Where people know and look after each other. Where there is a network of local businesses that can thrive in any economy. Where our energy comes from clean, renewable sources. Where people are united by a common purpose and nature is protected to be enjoyed by all.
This is the vision of Transition Sarasota. Together, we can work to make it a REALITY.


…Like the Suncoast Gleaning Project

Gleaning 2018 Photos

Gleaning 2018 Photos

"Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest."

Transition Sarasota organizes volunteers to harvest excess produce from local farms such as Jessica’s Organic Farm and Enza Zaden Research. Produce harvested is then donated to All Faiths Food Bank, The Food Bank of Manatee, or Feeding Tampa Bay depending on location of the farm. This funnels fresh Florida produce into the hands and homes of thousands of hungry local residents.

During 2018, the Suncoast Gleaning Project saw over 280 volunteers and harvested over 30,000 pounds of fresh, local, produce to donate to the hungry! Since its inception in 2010, the Suncoast Gleaning Project has donated over 300,000 pounds of fresh produce! Read more about the importance and impact of gleaning Here.


Eat Local Week 2019 “Exploring Food Waste”

Eat Local Week celebrates the rich local food environment of Sarasota and Manatee counties. Transition Sarasota cultivates a growing roster of businesses, nonprofit partners and a diverse selection of independently organized events to create Eat Local Week each year. The festival routinely draws thousands of attendees with its unique mix of fun food tastings, inspiring educational presentations, and behind-the-scenes tours of some of the region’s top local food ventures.

Eat Local Week 2019’s theme was “Exploring Food Waste”, we took a dive into what it is, why it matters, and how our community is working towards solutions. Food Waste is an incredibly complex issue; it ranges from hunger, food loss, wasted resources, food access, and carbon emissions, just to name a few associated topics. Eat Local Week exists to spark dialogue, build community, and showcase the fabulous work done locally! 

Sustainable Community

Our vision is a sustainable and thriving community both now and for future generations. This work is made possible by local sponsors, Donors, partners and participants!

Transition Sarasota is a community-driven nonprofit with the mission to create food and economic security by supporting local, sustainable sources. Many hands make for light work; your participation, donations and gifts make Transition Sarasota possible, thank you.


Donations and Sponsorships

Enable us to serve a bigger audience and have a greater impact in our local community. Both received and given, strengthen our community and come in a variety of shapes and forms. Volunteers donating their precious time make up the core of how we impact this community and we are infinitely grateful to them. Financial donations “keep the lights on”, and support program expansion.


Transition Sarasota lives out our vision by contributing our time, energy and resources, when possible, to shared partnerships with various organizations, councils and causes.

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Check out this interview on WSRQ to hear about Transition Sarasota

Listen to our interview on May 1, 2018 on WSRQ, SUncoast Morning, Kaylene McCaw with Janet Lewis

Listen to our interview on May 1, 2018 on WSRQ, SUncoast Morning, Kaylene McCaw with Janet Lewis

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