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Check Out Photos From Our 2018 Eat Local Farm Tour!

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Watch this video of the Eat Local Farm Tour by Steve McAllister. Five local farms that produce a wide variety of things. Eat Local!

Green Movies That Matter!

We're partnering with the the US Green Building Council Florida Gulf CoastSolutions To Avoid Red Tide (START) and Sarasota Ready for 100 Monthly Meeting) to bring you movies that make a difference. Films are scheduled the 4th Friday of every month from April through October at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota. See here for our first film - The True Cost (of Clothing)! Buy tickets ($10) on Eventbrite.  See the trailer Here.

some of our past events

Bonfire/Potluck in February, 2018: Click to scroll through


living in a community that is walkable, bikeable, and busable. One where your food is healthy, fresh from a local farm or straight from your own garden. Where people know and look after each other. Where there is a network of local businesses that can thrive in any economy. Where our energy comes from clean, renewable sources. Where people are united by a common purpose and nature is protected to be enjoyed by all.
This is the vision of Transition Sarasota. Together, we can work to make it a REALITY.



Growing a more sustainable, just, and prosperous local food system.

Suncoast Gleaning Project

Harvesting surplus produce from local farms to benefit the food insecure in our community.

green movies that matter

Screenings of the most eye-opening documentary films you probably haven't seen yet.

Eat Local Week

An annual, week-long celebration of the best of local food and farming.