living in a community that is walkable, bikeable, and busable. One where your food comes fresh from a local farm or straight from your own garden. Where people know and look after each other. Where there is a network of local businesses that can thrive in any economy. Where our homes are powered by clean, renewable energy. Where people are united by a common purpose. Where nature is protected to be enjoyed by all.

This is the vision of Transition Sarasota. Together, we can work to make it a reality.

Education for Sustainability

The Local Food Shift

Training for Transition

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Sharing ideas, skills, and solutions that open up new possibilities for positive change.

Transition Talks: Presentations on the Transition Movement, local food, community economics, and more.

Films for a Future: The best documentary films you probably haven't seen yet.

The Great Reskilling: Offering instruction in do-it-yourself sustainable living skills.

Working to shift our local food system at least 10% towards sustainable sources within 10 years.

Eat Local Guide: Your most comprehensive resource for eating and growing locally.

Eat Local Week: An annual celebration of the best of local food and farming.

Suncoast Gleaning Project: Harvesting surplus produce from local farms for those in need.

In cooperation with Transition US, we offer leadership training nationwide.

Transition Launch: How to set up and run a Transition Initiative in your community.

Transition Talk Training: Learn to communicate your passion for Transition in a way that informs, engages, and inspires.

Effective Collaboration: More skillfully navigate the ups and downs of group life.