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Films for a Future: Money & Life w/ Director Katie Teague

  • Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center 525 Kumquat Court Sarasota, FL USA (map)

There is no charge for this event. However, in the spirit of the film, we will be asking those who attend to make a donation based upon their means and appreciation for those who have made this event possible.

Co-sponsored by The Connection Partners, the Common Wealth Time Bank, and the Peace Education and Action Center.


About Money & Life

Money & Life is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that that asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity? This cinematic odyssey connects the dots on our current economic pains and offers a new story of money based on an emerging paradigm of planetary well-being that understands all of life as profoundly interconnected.

The film takes us on a journey, from the origins of money to connecting the systemic dots on the current global financial crisis and how we got here. Most importantly, Money & Life says that we owe it to ourselves to understand the fundamentals of this technology called money in order to be effective participants in the economic transformation that is happening around us, a shift more rapid and as profound as the Industrial Revolution.

The film is a tapestry of beautifully shot expert interviews woven with compelling vignettes of individuals and businesses consciously transforming their relationship with money.  Together with dynamic animation, an original music score and an elegant voice of narration, the film tells a new story of money, but more broadly it tells a new story of humanity. Money & Life aspires to be a part of bringing a new consciousness to our understanding and practices in the world of money, bringing a touch of humor and a lot of heart to a matter that concerns us all.

An optimistic film steeped in appreciation for human ingenuity, Money & Life does not dictate answers. It is a respectful invitation to consider questions critical to all our well-being: How can we move beyond being merely consumers, debtors and creditors, and put money in service to what we really care about as citizens, as human beings? Can we design a monetary circulation system that fosters democratic equality? What responsibilities should a corporate charter convey? What does it really mean to make a living? The film itself demonstrates how to approach these questions with both clarity and compassion. Money & Life empowers each of us to respond to the fundamental issues of our time and participate in the emerging new economy.

About Katie Teague

Katie Teague is an independent documentary filmmaker working in the growing field of transformational media. In 2009 she founded StormCloud Media, LLC, for the purposes of bringing forward Money & Life. StormCloud Media is committed to telling the emerging story of humanity and bringing inspired educational media to the social change process. Katie’s post-graduate background is in depth and developmental psychology. Prior to filmmaking she had a counseling practice in Seattle, Washington. Katie brings years of study in depth psychology, human development and the world’s wisdom traditions to her work as a social and spiritual change agent.  Katie is also one of the 2012 Sundance Grantee filmmakers contributing on 99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film.

Other Local Screenings

Thursday, January 23,  7-9pm

Hillsborough Community College, Ybor Building

2001 North 14th Street, Tampa

Friday, January 24, 7-9pm

University of South Florida, Davis 130

140 7th Avenue South, St. Petersburg

Living the New Story: A Money & Life Workshop

Saturday, January 25 10am-5pm

Shuffleboard Court Ballroom

559 Mirror Lake Drive, St. Petersburg

Six years ago, psychotherapist Katie Teague followed her inspiration to produce Money & Life. Here, she will share about the positive changes in her life that resulted from this experience and facilitate individual and group explorations into the meaning of true wealth.

Janice Rous, an internationally-recognized Alexander practitioner (also featured in the documentary), will join Katie as a guide to how our relationship with money unconsciously influences our personal, economic, and political choices.

This workshop will also include a visit to the Saturday Morning Market, led by one of its co-founders, Mark Johnson. Mark will tell about the vision that inspired the market and why he believes it is now one top local markets in the country.

Cost: $60 or seven Tampa Bay Time Bank hours. Space is limited. If you have questions or want to register, please contact Sharon Joy Kleitsch of The Connection Partners at (727) 550-9660 or