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Give Local: The 2014 Giving Partner Challenge

This is the first year that Transition Sarasota will be participating in the Giving Partner Challenge. Last year, 289 organizations raised a total of $2.78 million in just 36 hours.

To participate, please fill out the pledge form below. Then, donate online here to our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, the Peace Education and Action Center, between noon on Tuesday, May 6th and noon on Wednesday, May 7th.

Ways to Give

This year, local foundations are contributing $660,000 in incentives to get the ball rolling, but we need your help in order to access these funds.

1. Give Something

The organization with the most individual donors will receive an additional $20,000. 2nd place gets $15,000. 3rd: $10,000. 4th: $5,000. 5th: $2,500. 6th-15th: $1,000. Minimum allowable gift is $25.

2. Give Early

$440,000 in "first come, first serve" matching funds will also be up for grabs. Last year's funds were exhausted in less than six minutes, and hundreds of additional organizations will be vying for them this year. So, in order to have a chance of your donation being matched, please be prepared to begin entering your information at precisely at noon on May 6th.

3. Give $50

$1,000 will be given to each of the first 30 nonprofits to receive 50 individual contributions of $50 or more.

4. Give Late

A $5,000 prize will be added to one random donor's gift made between midnight and 2:00am.

5. Visit Our Profile 

Six nonprofits with the most unique visitors to their profiles on the Giving Partner during the Challenge will receive $4,000 each. To visit our profile, please click here.

Make a Pledge

Let us know that your gift is specifically intended for Transition Sarasota by making a pledge here. 

Please note that you must place your donation online at during the 24 hours of this event in order for it to count towards any of the incentives listed above.

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