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Transition Launch Online

Transition Manifesto 2015

Transition Launch Online is the online version of Transition Network's very popular face-to-face fundamentals course in the skills and practices of Transition. Launch has been delivered hundreds of times in over 35 countries worldwide, gathering and spreading the collective wisdom of one the 21st century's most imaginative social movements.

The online version will closely follow the original training, but with the strengths that an online course can bring. Transition Launch Online is packed with imaginative ways to delve into the practice of Transition: how to set up, run, and grow a Transition Initiative. It is also useful for people who have recently become involved in Transition and want to develop the essential skills and insights to help their Transition initiative become a success.

This is a unique opportunity to engage live online with people who have been at the heart of the Transition movement from the beginning. As the sessions are live and interactive, you are encouraged to question, explore, and consider what has worked and what hasn't, how others in your position have approached and created Transition groups, and what made them thrive.

In addition, this course, led by Naresh Giangrande, is an opportunity to be a part of a wide ranging, international learning community where the conversation can range from the most detailed and personal to the important "big picture" questions we are facing. Meeting for an hour and a half once a week for eight weeks allows you time to think and consider things that otherwise happen so quickly in a more condensed, face-to-face training: to listen again to a webinar, to ask questions once you have slept on it. 

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