Reasons to Celebrate

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With our HuB Pub Party Featuring Transition Sarasota coming up later this week, I've found myself fielding a lot of questions lately, such as: “What is the HuB?” and “Why are we having a party?” So in an effort inspire you to come celebrate with us Thursday night, I've posted answers to these questions below. However, if an opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the most interesting people Sarasota has to offer isn't enough to persuade you to join us, you might be swayed by the promise of free local food and drink, courtesy of Slow Foods Kitchen, Green Garden Chef, and the Big Top Brewing Company.

Q: What Is the HuB?

A: Transition Sarasota's new home-base is part of a global coworking and business incubation movement that is fostering entrepreneurship, place-based community, and the sharing economy. Because these are all things we deeply believe in and want to support, we decided to join their HuB Campus program last Fall. Moving forward, we will be holding many of our meetings and events here, including regular office hours every Tuesday and Friday from 11am-2pm starting next week. This event will help familiarize you with the space.

Q: Why Are We Having a Party?

Board Member, Ward Pallotta, Models Our New T-Shirt

Board Member, Ward Pallotta, Models Our New T-Shirt

A: First, why not? Second, we're using the occasion to mark an important moment in Transition Sarasota's history. After five years of being under fiscal sponsorship, we officially became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as of January 1st, and this Thursday, we will be introducing you to our new Board of Directors, sharing new ways you can get involved, and showing off our new t-shirt design! Essentially, this is a new beginning for Transition Sarasota, one that is full of possibilities, and we hope you will take part in shaping them.