Take Transition Sarasota's Annual Survey and Nominate Your Favorite Change-Makers

While it's certainly not your only chance during the year to provide us with feedback on how we're doing and suggestions for what we should do next, Transition Sarasota's annual survey is an opportunity for us to collect all your thoughts prior our Board of Directors' yearly strategic planning meeting in January.

This year's survey has only 10 questions, but many of them have been left open-ended in order to allow you to tell us whatever is on your mind, whether it be congratulatory or critical.

This year, as part of the survey, we are also inviting you to nominate candidates to receive our Community Catalyst of the Year and Volunteer of the Year awards, which will be presented at our Year-End Extravaganza on Friday, December 18th at the Fogartyville Community Media & Arts Center.

All it takes is five minutes for you to help shape the future of Transition Sarasota! Thank you in advance for your participation.