Top 10 Moments of 2015

Top 10

Since almost everyone has a top 10 list these days, this approach to summing up the year probably doesn't seem particularly groundbreaking at first glance. However, unlike most lists, this one isn't chosen by an individual or group of “experts,” but rather by you, our community.

Using a methodology that would be generously described as quasi-scientific, we added up and weighted the “reach” as well as the clicks, shares, and comments from this year's 185 Facebook posts. The 10 that ranked the highest are listed in reverse order below.

If you took part in creating any of these memories or appreciate the work that went into making them possible, please consider making a tax-deductible year-end gift to Transition Sarasota no later than midnight tomorrow. Many thanks to those who have already done so. With your help, there will be even more special moments like these to remember in 2016!

10. Getting the Kids Involved

Whenever we can, we love getting kids involved in the process of building a better world. It might just be one of the most important things we do.

9. Launching Leaders

Though this wasn't the biggest group of Transition leaders we've ever trained, it was one of the best and the brightest.

8. Thanking Jesus

While almost everyone got the joke here, I had to explain to one confused and somewhat-irate Facebooker that “The point is we should give thanks to the people who grow our food, but we rarely do.”

7. Working Overtime

When opportunity knocks, we answer. Two harvests in a day from farms a county apart? Sure - that's all the more fresh, healthy produce we can make available to those truly in need.

6. Going Big

In order for Transition to capture people's attention, it has to be big, colorful, inspiring, and fun - just like this pop-up art show we did in North Fort Myers last March.

5. Getting Our Hands Dirty

Why do so many of us jump at the chance to roll up our sleeves and dig our hands in the dirt? Because that's where change really starts.

4. Gracing the Cover

In its fifth year, Eat Local Week received the coveted cover of Ticket Sarasota and, literally, hundreds of thousands of people saw it.

3. Shining a Light

One of our favorite roles as an organization is to shine a light on and lend support to those who are already making good things happen in our community. Our second Local Food Entrepreneur Showcase in April did just that.

2. Leading the Charge

Wherever you find change happening, there's often a Transitioner near the center of it. In this case, it was former Transition Sarasota Core Group member Malory Foster, who recently moved up to Pinellas County to continue her farm-to-school work there.

1. Being Honored

It was humbling to stand among so many great sustainability leaders earlier this month, some of whom have been working here in Sarasota County for 20, 30, 40 years, or more. However, I believe my inclusion in this group demonstrates that even though Transition Sarasota is a relative newbie in this field, we're already making a significant difference.